A Series of Unfortunate Events: Bojan Krkic



In 2007, Bojan Krkic Made history when he broke Lionel Messi’s  record to become the youngest Barca player to play in an official league match. At 17, he scored his first Champions League goal against Schalke 04 in the quarter finals. He later finished his impressive 2008 debut by breaking another record, and not just any record.

Bojan stole the title from former Spanish captain and Real Madrid legend Raúl for most goals in a debut season.

So where did it all go wrong?

Bojan had a break-out season with former manager Frank Rijkaard, initially taking the number 11 from Zambrotta after his departure. When Guardiola was later appointed, it was suspected that he had a fall-out with the young player, feeling that he wasn’t ready for the first team, and wasn’t scoring enough goals. Pep suggested that Bojan should return to the B-team – which Bojan wholeheartedly refused. From this moment on, everything went downhill.

Upon his departure from Camp Nou, the 23 year old stated,

“I didn’t say goodbye to Pep. Only to those who treated me well.”

In July 2011, A.S Roma bought Bojan for a fee of €12 million, with a buy-back clause option for the Catalan giants. After 33 appearances and only 7 goals, Bojan joined A.C Milan on a season-long loan.

An uninspiring stint at Milan (3 goals/19 appearances) for the 2012-13 season was followed by Roma’s decision to not buy the Catalonian. Bojan, still belonging to Barcelona, was left with few options that would guarantee playing time.

Finally, in the summer of 2013, it was announced that the 23 year old would be joining Ajax on a one year loan. Although Bojan had an uplifting start for the Dutch side, winning the Dutch Supercup in July 2013, he suffered a hamstring injury shortly after on the 29th of September.

Earlier this month, Ajax announced that they will not be extending Bojan’s contract, sending the forward back to Camp Nou, and once again, at zero.

Are there any options left for the former prodigy? Did Bojan dig his own grave by refusing to listen to Guardiola? Or is he merely plagued by a series of misfortunes forever trapping him in a vicious circle of loans and club fall-outs?


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