Weekly Anecdote by Andrea Pirlo


On World Cup penalties:

Thinking about that World Cup final against France, there’s a moment that was very much my own. When Marcello Lippi, the Italy coach, came up to me at the end of normal time, bells started to toll in my head.

– You’re first.

We both knew what he meant by that. First to take a penalty. Being first on the spot, kicking off that torture in the biggest, most incredible game that a player can play or imagine…that’s not necessarily good news. It means they think you’re the best. But it also means, if you miss, you’re first on the list of dickheads.

I lifted my eyes to the heavens and asked God for help, because if God exists, there’s no way he’s French.

Oh and chipping a ball during a penalty? There’s no way you can plan that ahead of time, and if you do – you’re either stupid, a clairvoyant, or Francesco Totti.”


via “Penso, quindi gioco” (I think, therefore I play)


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