David Luiz gives tearful interview after 7-1 loss to Germany


David Luiz: I just want make my people happy, my people who suffer for lot of reasons, unfortunately we couldn’t do it. Sorry to all of the Brazilian people. I just want to see my people smile, everyone knows how important it was for me to see Brazil happy, at least for futebol (soccer). They (Germany) were better, better prepared. We conceded 4 goals in 6 minutes. It is a day of sadness but also a day to learn.”

Interviewer: It was within 10 minutes that Germany scored those goals, did you find an explanation for Brazil losing in that way?

David Luiz: I don’t know, we were lost, and Germany saw this and scored. It’s hard to explain that. It’s a dream that comes to a end, not in the way that we wanted. I learned to be a man in every moment of my life, not to run away, I will take responsibility for everything, I will never give up, and one day I will make these people happy in someway.


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